Innovation and Research & Development

We are Driven by Innovation-Led growth at Ndiema


Innovations inspire us. The kinds that touch lives. That empower and  enable each and every one of us at Ndiema, our stakeholders and customers to Rise to the future. Driven by this goal, we soar above limitations by thinking alternatively to drive positive change.


Do more with less

Do it together

Do it for all


Research and Technology Development

Technology has been central to everything Ndiema has ever done. All utilise the best available technology to create timeless assets that give long-term returns to stakeholders.

Ndiema is actively involved in the development of novel and proprietary catalysts, processes and products to improve profitability and accelerate our growth. Our company has transitioned from a smart buyer of technology to a fast customizer of technology and is a flagship developer which provides business leadership through largely in-house developed technology that creates significant value. R&D enables the innovation based growth agenda for Ndiema.

Curiosity. It opens doors to possibilities. It enables us to reinvent our future. It guides us to look at everything we do, with a fresh pair of eyes. And each time, to ask ourselves – how can we do this better?

Innovation and R&D are the product of how’s &
why not’s.

Our mobility solutions helped make getting from point A to B smoother. We then asked – can we make mobility sustainable? We also asked – how can we help farmers increase productivity through technology and make our cities smarter and safer? It is these questions that redefine our aspirations.
We step back. We analyse. We question.