Ndiema Farms

Ndiema Farms, strategically located within Anambra ‘light of our nation’ is home to hygienically fertilized and cultured rice grains processed by in house bio-experts into 100% Sortexed long grain parboiled rice for mass market supply and consumption.

The farm is currently growing on 2 hectares of land with anticipated 5 hectares of out-growers scheme in the first phase of the project implementation. In 2018 planting season the farm’s target of first production at commercial quantity on 50 hectares to achieve 300 metric tons of rice paddy.

With the local consumption of rice in Anambra State estimated at 300,000 metric tons and present production only 20,000 metric tons, Ndiema Farms aims to put their shoulder to the wheel by producing about 20,000 metric tons of rice by 2022, when the farm would have achieved full capacity rice operations in the first phase. Ndiema  Farms plans to expand cultivation to 100 hectares of land in the second phase of the project with a capacity to produce about 70,000 metric tons of rice and sugarcane.

How to yield big from rice farming - FarmKanya Initiative

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